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Next Generation Parish Updates

Greetings St. John Family!

We are participating in the Next Generation Parish Partnership with Catholic Leadership Institute. Phase One occurred during the Fall of 2019. Phase One consisted of the Institute researching our parish and it's ability evangelize and make disciples. We had an on-site visit with multiple interviews. We also had the Disciple Maker Index Survey for the whole parish to participate. We had over 500 entries. Thank you to all who responded!

We are currently in Phase 2, the envisioning phase. We have assembled an eight person team to create a vision and pastoral plan for our parish. This will take place over 5 sessions with our coach from the Institute. We have participated in two thus far and we have been more than pleased with the results. The work is hard, but we know it will produce the results we are looking for. Our team get along and work together well. It has been an enjoyable process!

Very soon we will be sharing with you some of the results of the Disciple Maker Index Survey. We will continue to provide updates as well throughout this process, especially the plans that are developed. This is an exciting time in our parish. We ask for you continued prayers during this process that God's wisdom may be upon us. God Bless!

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