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The primary purpose for the school uniform and grooming standards is to insure that each and every student at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School presents a picture of neatness and cleanliness consistent with the belief that our bodies are a gift from God to be cherished and respected. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school by having their children adhere to the uniform guidelines. The dress code is to be observed on field trips unless otherwise announced by the Administration. Therefore, every student is expected to live up to these guidelines.


  • Navy or white cotton polos, turtlenecks, and white oxford shirts for boys and girls.

  • Girls may also wear white or navy collared blouses. They may be long or short sleeved and must have a collar.

  • If shirt has an emblem, it can be no bigger than the size of a quarter.

  • Solid navy or solid white sweaters-vest, cardigan, V-neck or crew neck for boys and girls. St. John sweatshirts (navy or gray) or St. John navy blue fleece jacket  may be worn any time with uniform shirt underneath. No other sweatshirts or fleece jackets are allowed.

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.


  • Light khaki or navy dress shorts for boys and girls.

  • Girls may wear capri style pants when shorts are worn.

Shorts can be worn from the start of the school year until October 15th and from Spring Break to the end of the school year, if the weather predicts the days high to be 60 degrees or warmer.


  • Light khaki or navy dress pants or corduroy pants for boys and girls. Pants may have neat cargo pockets. No jean material.


  • Light khaki or navy jumper, skort, or skirt for girls. No decorative embroidery. No shorter than fingertip.


  • Belts must be worn with pants or shorts that have belt loops by boys in 4th - 6th grade. Belts can be either black or brown plain leather (including woven leather belts) with a plain unadorned buckle. Belts are not required for grades K-3 or girls in 4th - 6th grade.


  • Solid navy or solid white socks, knee socks, or tights must be worn with all shoes or sandals.

  • Leggings may not be worn.


  • Shoes are to compliment the uniform rather than detract from it. Plain leather dress shoes or athletic shoes must be worn.

  • Shoes should be close toe any color. We encourage uniform colors.

  • Shoes must be properly tied; high top style shoes are not allowed.

  • No prints, bright colors, patterns, sequins, or any other embellishments that detract from the look of uniformity may be worn.

  • No crocs or croc-like shoes, or shoes with a heel.

  • Shoe jewelry, frayed shoes, shoes with wheels, and shoes with flashing lights are not allowed at school.

  • In winter, boots must be worn on the playground when it snows, but may not be worn in the classrooms.

  • Any shoes for Dress Up Day myst have a heel less than 1" and have a back.


  • Gym shoes are required for physical education classes. Non-marking shoes are required.

  • Students in Grades 4-6 are not required to have a St. John School gym uniform this year.


Students may wear St. John Spiritwear, St. John Parish shirt, VBS, their classroom shirts, or other approved St. John's School shirts (for example, Girls Scout shirts) with jeans or jean shorts in place of uniforms on Thursdays. Uniforms may be worn on Thursdays if desired. on Spirit Day, uniform shoes must be worn.

gray t-shirt.png

1. No unnatural hair color.

2. No unnatural hair styles.

3. No make-up, face or body glitter.

4. Earrings must be worn in both ears. (Only studded earrings, no dangling earrings.)

5. No exposed body piercing (except ears). Boys are not allowed to wear earrings during school hours.

6. Accessories are to be kept to a minimum. Headbands, hair bows, etc. should not distract the learning environment.

7. Only necklaces with religious medals/theme or cross may be worn. Due to the potential for lost items, children are             discouraged from wearing jewelry.

8. Clothing should be clean, unwrinkled, void or holes, not faded, torn or frayed.

9. Finger nail polish, fake fingernails, acrylic, gel, and press-on nails are not allowed. Natural nails need to be neatly trimmed, clean, and modest in length.

10. No visible tattoos - permanent or non-permanent.

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