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HASA is an organization that bring the interest of the home and school together. This group meets mostly during the school year. The main purpose of HASA is to support the students of our school. All parents are invited to the meetings.

Home And School Association

All St John School families are required to provide 10 hours of service to our school community. Since we all have varying time, talents, and treasure, we offer four convenient ways to complete your 10 hours.

Volunteer! Check with the office for the may ways to volunteer and serve our school.

Donate! Make a donation of pre-approved goods to the school valued at $100 or more.

Combine it! Combine the volunteering of hours, donation of pre-approved iitems,

or paying off a portion of your hours ($10 per hour).

2023-2024 HASA Officers

Virginia Munoz - Principal

Jennie Krider - President

Rosie Santos - Vice President

Areli Bautista - Treasurer

Carmen Darnell - Secretary


Meeting Minutes

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December 2021

May 2022

August 2022

September 2022

October 2022

December 2022

January 2023

September 2023

March 2024

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