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Light of Learning Teacher Recipient

Congratulations, Miss Acosta!

Miss Acosta was chosen as this year's Light of Learning recipient. Each year a teacher is chosen based on the following criteria: models of example of Christ, is knowledgeable in the subject area and best practices, motivates students to learn, participates in extracurricular activities, and relates well to students.

Nominated by parents, Miss Acosta exemplifies the above criteria in many ways. Miss Acosta has been a teacher at St. John for four years; however, she was previously a student here. She returned to teach at St. John after graduating from IUSB in 2015. Miss Acosta has a great attitude and positive influence on her students. One parent said that, “Miss Acosta takes time from her personal schedule to help our children; this means the world to us!”

Miss Acosta models Christ-like behaviors by showing all of her students respect and listening and learning from her colleagues. She participants as a member of the staff and provides great insight into how students learn. She motivates students to do their best, and she works with students for them to see their potential. She utilizes her resources well, and she loves to use the iPads in meaningful ways.

Miss Acosta regularly volunteers to help with school committees and special events. She also volunteers to work with the parish middle school youth group. Miss Acosta is a beautiful example of someone who gives of herself for her students. She wants her students to not just learn about math or reading, but she wants them to know and love their faith.

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