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The Flock is a podcast, created by parishioners David Post and Brian Sapp. The Flock aims to build community at St. John's. Each episide is a 20-30 minute interview with a parishioner of St. John's. It is an opportunity to learn about and be inspired by the men and women of our parish. 


Rosa Alba

Episode 38

In this episode we hear from Rosa Alba. She talks about her experience getting involved in the Church as an adult during a challenging period in her life and how she has continued to grow in her faith.



Fr. Royce Gregerson

Episode 37

In this episode we get the opportunity to talk to Fr. Royce Gregerson. He shares his unique experience of attending seminary in Rome. He also discusses what his typical routine is like as pastor at St. John's.

Aaron Kindig

Episode 35

In this episode with talk to Aaron Kindig about how his journey to becoming Catholic and how the St. John's community supported his family through a difficult experience in his life.

Alice Wheeler

Episode 36

In this episode we sit down with Alice Wheeler. She shares how saying yes to the little things and trying to meet imediate needs has led her to become involved in a number of ways at St. Johns.

Lou Bonacorsi

Episode 33

In this episode Lou Bonacorsi shares how he and his family made St. John's their home parish after the closing of St. Isadore in Nappanee

Sandy Swartz

Episode 34

In this episode we hear from Sandy Swartz. Begining with her Great-Grandfather, Sandy shares her family's long history at St. John's and how she continues to be involved at the parish

Carl Fussner

Episode 31

In this episode Carl Fussner shares his experiences of being a father of six and a member of the National Guard for 20 years.

Karen Abbs

Episode 32

In this episode we sit down with Karen Abbs. She shares her story of moving away from her hometown and eventually finding her faith community at St. John's

Linda Magnuson

Episode 29

In this episode we hear from Linda Magnuson. She attempts to summarize an incredibly full life that has included travel, adventure, family, careers, and her Catholic faith. 

Rob Roeder

Episode 30

In this episode we talk to Rob Roeder. He shares how, despite a challenging childhood he has discovered newfound hope as an adopted son of God.

Ruth Newell

Episode 27

In this episode we talk to life-long St. John's member Ruth Newell. She reflects on her many years of teaching and how she became a teacher at St. John's.


Episode 28

In this episode we sit down with Johnny Evangelista. He talks about his journey from seminarian, to pastoral associate at St. John's and his new adventure as a newlywed.

Brook Bennett

Episode 25

In this episode Brook Bennett shares how music led him from Arizona to eventually land in Goshen and how his faith journey led him to the Catholic Church. 

Bill Kercher

Episode 26

In this episode Bill Kercher shares that despite thinking he would never return to work for the family business he found himself drawn to return to Goshen and St. John's to raise his family.

Tom Layman

Episode 23

In this episode we talk to Tom Layman. He shares about how a tragic event helped him refocus his faith and reconnect with the Catholic Church.

Amelia Bentrup

Episode 24

In this episode we sit down with Amelia Bentrup. She discusses her experience growing up on the east coast in a devout Catholic family without a supportive Catholic community. 

Jeff Hartzler

Episode 21

In this episode we hear from Jeff Hartzler. He shares about his experiences as a pilot which lead him to meet his wife and to become a member of St. John's.

Jeff Thomas

Episode 22

In this episode we sit down with Jeff Thomas. Jeff describes his long career in nursing and how he became Catholic after growing up Lutheran

David Maugel

Episode 19

In this eposide we sit down with David Maugel. He reflects on how the challenges he has encountered, when approached with humility, have deepened his faith and led to unexpected fruits.

Deacon Christian Nieves

Episode 20

In this episode, we talk to Deacon Christian Nieves. He discusses his path to becoming a deacon and explains the many ways he serves the St. John's community.

Rita Elliott

Episode 17

In this episode Rita Elliott reflects on her experience growing up surrounded by Polish & Catholic traditions and shares how the Church and the St. John's community have supported her through life's challenges. 

Kathy Frederickson

Episode 18

In this episode, we hear from long-time parishioner, Kathy Fredrickson. She shares the story of how her involvement in a children's choir at St. John's Elementary blossomed into a life-long love of choir that continues to this day

Claire Tarala

Episode 15

In this episode we talk to Claire Tarala who shares the joys and challenges of being a young mother of four - soon to be five - young children.

Ani Wallach

Episode 16

In this episode Ani Wallach shares her faith journey. She discussed coming to the United States from Indonesia as a teenager and how she maintained her Catholic faith despite the challenges.

Loren Hartman

Episode 13

In the episode we talk to Loren Hartman. He discusses how the autority of the Catholic Church drew him in during a challenging period of his life

Sister Colleen Bauer

Episode 14

In this episode we sit down with long-time St. John's parishioner, Sr. Colleen Bauer. She talks about her 50 years of teaching and being a School Sister of Notre Dame. 

Nancy Glon

Episode 11

In this eposide Nancy Glonn reflects on her active life of service at the many parsish communities she has been part of including the past 30 years at St. John's.

James Richardson

Episode 12

In this episode we sit down with James Richardson, director of Sacred Music at St. John's. He talks about how Our Lady's intercession has impacted his life and his journey to St. John's.

Donna Wiktorowski

Episode 9

In this episode, Donna Wiktoroski shares how Catholic radio sparked an unlikely conversion to the Catholic Church and eventually led her to become an active member of St. John's.

Roger Schmucker

Episode 10

In this episode we hear from Roger Schmucker as he shares how God has provided him the support he needs through the St. John's community.

George Fattal

Episode 7

In this episode, George Fattal explains how he works to spread the Gospel as a "salesman for Christ." George and his wife, Dawn, are co-directors of RCIA at St. John's

John Morse

Episode 5

In this episode, John Morse talks about how seeing faith in action among Cathoic missionaries impacted him and helped lead him to St. John's.

Carmen Cox

Episode 3

In this episode, Carmen Cox shares her faith journey from her youth in the Bronx to becoming a Sacristan at St. John's.

Father Brian Florin

Episode 8

In this episode we interview our new Parochial Vicar, Father Brian Florin. He shares his vocation story and the how he is beginning the adventure of being at Catholic priest at St. John's.

Denise Federow

Episode 6

In this episode, we learn about the many ways that Denise Fedorow has impacted St. John's and how she uses her writing to spread the "Good News".

Andrew Studebaker

Episode 4

In this episode we meet and learn more about Andrew Studebaker. Hear about his search for depth and tradition in Christianity and how he landed in the Catholic Church at St. John's.

Amanda Woodiel

Episode 1

In our first episode, we meet Amanda Woodiel. She tells us how she joined the Catholic Church and is working to make other people feel welcomed in our Parish

Brian Krider

Episode 2

In this pilot episode, we talk to Brian Krider as he shares his story as a life-long member of St. John's and the many ways that the community has shaped and formed him.

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