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Family and Marriage Support (FAMS)

Marriage and Family formation means establishing a pathway through every stage in the development of marriages and families that leads to a relationship with Jesus and growth in virtue to live the mission of discipleship in family life.

The Family and Marriage Support Group is a group of parishioners working on Priority One in the parish priority plan.

Priority One Goals

Our goal is to support Confirmation preparation and religious education for children to discern a vocation to the married life.

Our goal is to support marriages through marriage preparation and accompaniment. We help facilitate mentorship for engaged and already-married couples as well as small group married accompaniment.

Our goal is to provide families best resources on the best practices to guide you and your children through the challenges of technology and our culture. 

Marriage Preparation and Mentorship

The FAMS group has support for the couples of St. Johns who are looking to get married or are already married.


The marriage preparation works with engaged couples to build a foundation in Christ for their upcoming marriage.

If you're interested in marriage preparation classes please contact Johnny Evangelista at

Our marriage mentorship partners couples with mentors as they follow a 6 part program from FORMED.  The program looks at God's plan for marriage and how we can build our relationships into what He wants them to become.

Are you looking to bring your marriage closer to God's plan by meeting with one of our mentor couples?  Are you and your spouse open to helping other couples strengthen their marriage in Christ? 

Our marriage accompaniment program is an opportunity for couples that are looking to make friendships with other Catholic couples and join in faith and fellowship.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Amanda Woodiel at

Marriage Prep

Cultural and Technological Challenges

Our society is at odds with God's plan in many ways.  This often manifests itself in our culture and comes into our lives through technology.  The FAMS group wants to provide you with resources and strategies to help you respond to the challenges these topics present to you as a parent.  We are working with the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend to share these resources and bring speakers to share their techniques with you.

Cultural and Tech Challenges

Discernment of Married Life

As parents we are the primary teachers of our children.  As the body of Christ we are called to support our brothers and sisters  in the church.  The FAMS group is supporting our religious education teachers with content about the vocation of marriage for our children.

As part of this goal the FAMS group has purchased curriculum that you can also use in your home to help your children see the beauty of God's plan and call to married life.


Discernmet of Married Life
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